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Scenario- I have a website that tracks/manages data stored in a DB(I know this covers 90% of websites :)). I have users that need to print specialized labels and barcodes. The app will need to print to a specialized Zebra RFID printer as well as a specific printer for bar codes. All users must use IE 7. Only 3-4 users will print these items. I want to give the user a button they press and then the barcodes/reports are just printed.

Question- I can create all the files that need to be printed on the server but can I use an XBAP to automate the specialized printing? If not is there any other way?

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Several things to clarify: - Does your printer have driver? - How do you normally print to these devices? - How do you send the data to the printer? –  Adrian Godong Jul 30 '09 at 17:26

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Access to special hardware from within Internet Explorer is not always easy - even for something as basic as a printer. You can try using the built-in printing facilities of IE7 - but you are likely to run into formatting and layout problems when printing something like barcodes.

XBAPs run an a sandbox and have limited access to hardware as well - but you may be able to print from one - it all depends on whether you need access to any Win32 print or device APIs.

A gauranteed way to implement something like this is using an ActiveX control - but that a much more complicated thing to implement - and it will only work on Internet Explorer - and on a machine that is configured to allow ActiveX controls to run.

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