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I made a dynamic form with an add button that creates a new division with the clone of the form but has a different ID. However, I also want to have a delete button with each division that removes the division that it is in, including the button itself.

I am familiar with JQuery .remove() method but I am having trouble selecting the division that the button is in.

<div id="attendees">
        <div id="att1" class="attendee">
            <form name="droplist" action="html_form_action.asp" method = "get">
                    <legend><span class="legend">Filter</span></legend>
                    <label for="select">Category: </label>
                    <select id="select" size="1"  >
                        <option value=" " selected="selected"> </option>
                        <option value="employees">Number of Employees</option>
                        <option value="hits">Hits on TechCrunch</option>
                        <option value="time_founded">Time Founded</option>
                        <option value="total_money">Total Money</option>

                    <div id='radioContainer' style="display:block;">
                        <input type="radio" id="condition"  name="button" value="more"/> <label for="condition"> > </label></br>
                        <input type="radio" id="condition1"  name="button" value="less"/> <label for="condition1"> < </label>

                    <div id='radioContainerTime' style="display:block;">
                        <input type="radio" id="condition2"  name="button" value="later"/> <label for="condition"> After </label></br>
                        <input type="radio" id="condition3"  name="button" value="earlier"/> <label for="condition1"> Before </label>

                    <div id = "text_box" style="display:block;">
                        <label for="input_value">Amount: </label>
                        <input type="text" id="box" name="input_value" value="textIn" />
        <a href="#" class="add">Add more</a>

My JavaScript so far is this:

 var template = $('#attendees .attendee:first').clone(),
     attendeesCount = 1;

 var addAttendee = function(){
     var attendee = template.clone().find(':input').each(function(){
         var newId =, + attendeesCount;
         $(this).prev().attr('for', newId); // update label for (assume prev sib is label) = = newId; // update id and name (assume the same)
     }).end() // back to .attendee
     .attr('id', 'att' + attendeesCount) // update attendee id
     .prependTo('#attendees'); // add to container

 $('.add').click(addAttendee); // attach event

$("button").click(function () {
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To delete the <div class="attendee"> that contains the button, you can just use this:

$("button").click(function () {

This looks up the parent chain from the clicked button to find the first part with a class="attendee" and then removes that.

FYI, I'd strongly suggest putting a class on your delete button because it's a little dangerous to hook up to ALL buttons in your page.

To put a class on your delete button, change the HTML to this:

<button class="deleteButton">remove</button>

And, change the jQuery to this:

$(".deleteButton").click(function () {

The return(false) prevents any default action in the form from occurring based on the click.

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how would I put a class on my delete button? –  Santiago Aug 22 '12 at 20:03
also, when I make this change, the button takes me to the new page indicated by the form "action" element which I dont want it do to. –  Santiago Aug 22 '12 at 20:06
@Santiago - I've addressed both your questions at the end of my answer. –  jfriend00 Aug 22 '12 at 20:22

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