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I have a record class like this :

public class RecordInfo
    public String CDate;
    public String Patient_ID;
    public Color Zone;
    public String Fname;
    public String Lname;
    public Int64 ImgSize;
    public String ImagePrefix;
    public String ImagePath;
    public String Sex;
    public String TZ;

and I made a list of RecordInfo like this :

List<RecordInfo> PatientRecords = new List<RecordInfo>();

and I added records to it, but I would like to sort that list based on Patient_ID, sex, Fname, etc.....

Any idea how can I do that?

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Sure, LINQ makes it easy using OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy and ThenByDescending:

// Note change from Patient_ID to PatientId for naming conventions.
List<RecordInfo> sorted = records.OrderBy(x => x.PatientId).ToList();

That will create a new list - LINQ is based on queries which project one sequence onto a new one, rather than mutating the existing list.

Alternatively, you could use List<T>.Sort with a custom comparer to sort in-place.

Either way, I'd strongly recommend using properties instead of public fields, and also following .NET naming conventions.

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What does the records refer to ? Because i tried to replace it by PatientRecords but it didn`t work –  R.Vector Aug 22 '12 at 19:49
@R.Vector, it didn't work? Could you translate it didn't work in English please? From a software developer perspective, not software user. –  Darin Dimitrov Aug 22 '12 at 19:50
@R.Vector: Your original list of records. I didn't use the name PatientRecords as that isn't a good local variable name. As Darin suggests, "it didn't work" is not a clear description of what you're seeing. –  Jon Skeet Aug 22 '12 at 19:51
@R.Vector: You said you replaced it with PatientRecords - it wouldn't have given that error afterwards... –  Jon Skeet Aug 22 '12 at 19:51
Add using System.Linq; to the top of your file to bring the namespace in which the OrderBy extension method is defined. –  Darin Dimitrov Aug 22 '12 at 19:53

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