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I need to compile a small Java program (that runs OK on Eclipse) but using the terminal interface on a Linux (Fedora) OS. I have downloaded the jexcelapi jar file and extracted it in the same directory where I have the Java JDK. I try to compile using :

javac -cp <paths> filename.java

and I get the errors

"error: cannot find symbol RowsExceededException, WriteException, IOException, BiffException". 

The source file has

import jxl.*; 

The location of jexcelapi directory is:


jexcelapi contains directories:

build, docs, resources, src, and file jxl.jar

Obviously I have /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_06/jexcelapi in the -cp <paths>

Please help


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For the future, to find out what's on classpath and what is not, you could try to run with the -verbose option.

javac -verbose -cp <paths> filename.java
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You need to include the jar file not the directory in the classpath:

javac -cp .:/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_06/jexcelapi/jxl.jar filename.java
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