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I have this query where I want to get the newest and latest articles from a complex join while ordering by module.

My question for the stackoverflow gurus is the following.

Is it possible to bring the latest (only one) article by module id ordered by date?

FROM articles Article
LEFT JOIN sources Source ON Article.source_id =
RIGHT JOIN app_sources asrc ON asrc.source_id =
/*GROUP BY asrc.module*/ -> if I enable this i get only one but no order by date
ORDER BY asrc.module ASC, Article.published_at DESC

This is my first question I hope I formatted it correctly! Thanks so much

Currently is like this (2k results)

published_at    title   module
2012-08-22 12:16:41 |   Archos Gen10: Tablet Productivity | 1
2012-08-22 12:13:22 | Vail Resorts Ski App Gets Racing With Lindsey Vonn |  1
2012-08-22 11:58:06 | The Internet a Decade Later [INFOGRAPHIC] |   1

I would want it like this

published_at    title   module
2012-08-15 14:37:40 | The Air Force’s New Ultra-Fast Jet Has an Epic Fai... | 1
2012-01-13 16:17:51 | Canada’s Helium Digital shows us the thinnest iPad... | 2
2012-01-13 14:40:14 | ESPN Feels Lonely: A Chat Regarding ESPN’s Role In... | 3
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I'm a little confused with exactly what you're trying to do... could you provide some sample data and desired result? – chezy525 Aug 22 '12 at 20:14
now I've added an example. Thanks – omniwired Aug 22 '12 at 20:18
seeing the table structures would be very helpful, even better create a SQL fiddle with sample data, etc – bluefeet Aug 22 '12 at 20:26
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Without seeing your table structures, a lot of this is going to be guesswork. But it seems like you will need to incorporate a MAX() on the published_at field.

Something like this:

    SELECT max(published_at) maxDate, source_id
    FROM articles
    GROUP BY source_id
) Article
LEFT JOIN sources Source 
    ON Article.source_id =
LEFT JOIN app_sources asrc 
    ON = asrc.source_id
ORDER BY asrc.module ASC, Article.maxDate DESC

You will need to provide more details if you want a more definitive answer.

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you are a SQL god. Thanks so much! – omniwired Aug 23 '12 at 21:22

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