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When I select the JCombobox I want to handle an event when its selected and the dropdown is shown as well as handle the event when the drop down disappears and the JCombobox is de-selected.

Note, i'm not looking to listen for an item selection change but for when the user selects the JCombobox and the UI pops out the Dropdown.

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You want to use addPopupMenuListener which uses the following interface:

public interface PopupMenuListener extends EventListener {

     *  This method is called before the popup menu becomes visible 
    void popupMenuWillBecomeVisible(PopupMenuEvent e);

     * This method is called before the popup menu becomes invisible
     * Note that a JPopupMenu can become invisible any time 
    void popupMenuWillBecomeInvisible(PopupMenuEvent e);

     * This method is called when the popup menu is canceled
    void popupMenuCanceled(PopupMenuEvent e);
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