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I'm trying to use multiple instance of the same class in a view with rails. Basically i need to show a Branch with all its attributes and in the same page i have a form_for that need an empty Branch object. The problem is that when i create the empty Branch instance in the controller "@newBranch" the view can't access the first one anymore

here what I do in the controller:

def show
  @customer = Customer.find(params[:id])
  @branches = @customer.branches
  @newBranch = @customer.branches.new          #this is for the form_for
  @newContact = @newBranch.build_contact       #this is for the fields_for    

if i try to use a singular item of the collection @branches for example:

<div class = "branch_container">
  <%= render :partial => "customers/branch", :collection => @branches %>

and then inside the branch partial:

<%= branch.contact.name %>

i have the message:

"undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass"

All the models associations work fine and if i don't instantiate @newBranch and @newContact the problem disappear.

Basically i need to use two instance of the same Class (for example "@branches" in one partial and "@newBranch" in another one) in the same view.

What could be the solution? Thank you.

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At the end i created @newBranch and @newContact in the view inside the form in the following way:

<%= form_for(newBranch = Building.new, :html => { :multipart => true }) do |building_form| %>
    <% newBranch.build_contact %>
    etc... etc...
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Provide those instances as local vars:

 <%= render :partial => "customers/branch", :collection => @branches, :locals => {:branch => @branch, :customer => @customer} %>

Oops didn't read well. For a new branch, contact is not set, so nil. Just check for this situation.

<% if branch.contact %>
_Your code_
<% else %>
No contact assigned
<% end %>
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although it doesn't work, i need to use both variables "@branches" and "@newBranch" in two different partials in the same view, there isn a way to do so??? –  Gabriele Gambotto Aug 22 '12 at 20:32
You mix two questions: one is the given error, that is caused by an unitialized contact. The other is how to use those instances. Transport them to the partials with the :locals hash. You can give one or both locals to either partial. –  Hugo Logmans Aug 22 '12 at 22:03

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