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I have to download some content from a website every day so I figure it will be nice to have a program that will do it... The problem is that the website requires authentication.

My current solution is by using System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser control. I currently do something like:

/* Create browser */
System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser browser = new System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser();

/* navigate to desired site */ 

// wait for browser to download dom

/* Get all tags of type input */
var elements = browser.Document.Body.GetElementsByTagName("input");

/* let's look for the one we are interested */
foreach (System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElement curInput in elements)
       if (curInput.GetAttribute("name") == "q") // 
             curInput.SetAttribute("value", "I changed the value of this input");

// etc

I think this approach works but is not the best solution. I have tried to use the webclient class and that seems to work but for some reason it does not work. I belive the reason why it does not work is because I have to save the cookies?

So my question is how will I be able to track all the bytes that get send to the server and all the bytes that get responded in order to download what I need. In other words I will like to have the webclient act as a webrowser and once I get to the part I need by just looking at the source I should be able to parser the data that I need.

I will appreciate if someone can show me an example of how to do so. Google chrome does a pretty good job displaying lots of information: enter image description here

Thanks in advance,


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I hope that you are using the DocumentCompleted event to "// wait for browser to download dom" – Sean Bright Aug 22 '12 at 20:20
"for some reason it does not work" - it would help if you'd show us what you've tried. If the authentication requires cookies then that might indeed be the issue. – Jon Skeet Aug 22 '12 at 20:22
If this task is an opportunity to practice some .NET development, then Good deal!! Otherwise, maybe take a look at the curl utility. – xelco52 Aug 22 '12 at 20:31
Yeah sorry for the vague example. I am looking for an answer that will enable me to do what I need regardless of the website not just something specific to this problem... – Tono Nam Aug 22 '12 at 20:32
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Answering your question:

  1. The best utility i know to track traffic is Fiddler (its free).
  2. For sending advanced HTTP requests, you should use class System.Net.HttpWebRequest, which also has property CookieContainer, and Headers, allowing you to do what ever you want.

Hope it helps.

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