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I am probably missing the blindingly obvious but I can't figure out why an image is not displaying on my web site. Here is the HTML:

<p>Above the image</p>
<img src="/Trends/TDBFGLogo5.gif" alt="" />
<p>Below the image</p>

My code is executing in the directory D:\WebApp which contains a folder called Trends that has all of my images. I have even tried the absolute path D:/WebApp/Trends/TDBFGLogo5.gif but all I see is:

Above the image

Below the image

I have no CSS that affects the img tag and this tag is in the body of the HTML.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Where is the image relative to where html code is? – Paul McCowat Aug 22 '12 at 20:26
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<p>Above the image</p>
<img src="Trends/TDBFGLogo5.gif" alt="" />
<p>Below the image</p>
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Try it like this

<p>Above the image</p>
<img src="./Trends/TDBFGLogo5.gif" alt="" />
<p>Below the image</p>
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