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Hey i am trying to teach myself how to use JDBC using Apache Derby. And in a tutorial it says: Compile sample application

Compile the sample application as shown below:


You can safely ignore any compile warnings that might pop up. Run sample application

Run the sample application like this:

java SimpleApp

So i open up my command prompt and type this in and im getting an error: Error: Could not find or load

Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

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Are you getting the error on the 'javac' command or on the 'java' command? – Bryan Pendleton Aug 23 '12 at 4:19

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Are you supposed to type in the example or download a sample? If so, you'll need to put that file in a directory on your hard drive and cd to that directory before compiling it if the Java file is not in a package.

If it is in a package, then you'll need to create a directory structure that mirrors the package structure before compiling.

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