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Will OpenGL automatically truncate it or is this an error?

I have a piece of nasty OpenGL code that seems to be setting an array of float4x3 in the program by using glUniform4fv with a big array that has float4 values in it (i.e. 4 floats per row instead of 3), and it seems to work. That is OpenGL only copies 3 values to each row of the matrix and skips the 4th one. Is it OK to assume this will always work?

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OpenGL does not have float4, float3, or float4x3 types. Are you talking about vec4, vec3, and mat4x3? – Nicol Bolas Aug 22 '12 at 21:30
@NicolBolas Yes – kaalus Aug 28 '12 at 14:43
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The GLSL specification is quite clear on this: the size and type for glUniform* calls must exactly match the size and type declared in the shader (except for samplers and booleans). So if you call glUniform4fv, you must be setting either a single variable of type vec4 or an array of count entries in an array variable of type vec4.

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