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This is kind of an odd question and I didnt know where to post it, but here it is.

I have an ASP .Net website used by internal company employees. The site pages are pretty basic and has various tables, divs, css and some sprinkles of javascript/jQuery.

Some of the site pages are often used for presentations. And sometimes, the users need to copy the content offline.

I got a request that when trying to copy certain pages off IE/Firefox and onto Word/PowerPoint, it does not carry the layout over correctly. Well, I know obviously why this is a problem but the users dont and are asking to make it possible.

I'm assuming that the easiest way to do this is have a "printable" view. But as some of these pages are still being developed, are there some techniques we could follow that would make these pages somewhat copyable to word/ppt?

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There are online guides to doing this like this one.

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ah this is excellent. so no work required on our end! –  solidfish Aug 22 '12 at 22:02

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