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I converted our Delphi 7 BDE programs to use ADO so they can run on Windows 7. But I get the error ORA-01019 unable to allocate memory in the user side. I made myself part of a group with create global object rights and the program runs. But we do not want to grant the standard user this right. I also created a customized manifest where the execution level is "requireAdministrator" and placed it in the project folder. I still get the same error.

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My advice is to forget about ADO/OleDB for using Oracle, and connect via third-party components like or our – Arnaud Bouchez Aug 22 '12 at 22:23
What Oracle client version are you using? Have you connected successfully through SQL Plus on the same computer? – Sam M Aug 22 '12 at 23:26
Please, provide the exact version of Delphi, Oracle and OCI and the line of code where you get the exception. If there is a query or stored procedure envolved, please provide its code too. My experience with OCI tells me that the Oracle implementation is better than M$´s one. I´ve used DevArt ODAC already and it works fine, but I never had any seiour problem with the OLE-DB driver from Oracle. – AlexSC Dec 23 '13 at 10:18
  1. Try to use Microsoft OLEDB provider for Oracle (MSDAORA), Oracle OLEDB provider (OraOLEDB) or even Oracle ODBC. One of them should work without adjusting user rights.
  2. ADO is not the best choice for Oracle data access. MSDAORA uses OCI7, and gets number of limitations, like cannot work with BLOB's. OraOLEDB uses new OCI, but has some issues too, like fails to edit some query results, etc. Finally ADO (dbGo, more precisely) is slow (more).
  3. Consider to migrate to 3d party products. The BDE -> 3d party way is simple with many data access libraries, including our product - AnyDAC (more). Also, they does not have such issues.
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