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I have an Embaddable class with a List<String> whose modifications are not being save unless I modify another field too. Please take a look at this to understand:

public class EmbeddableClass {

    private Integer someField;

    private List<String> someList;

    public EmbeddableClass() {}

    public Integer getSomeField() {
        return someField;
    public void setSomeField(Integer someField) {
        this.someField = someField;

    public List<String> getSomeList() {
        return someList;
    public void setSomeList(List<String> someList) {
        this.someList = someList;

If I don't modify the Integer someField, any modifications on someList won't be persisted.

This is the code I use to test:

        // ... lookup entity user...

        log.severe("some list size before changing: " + user.getMainTeam().getEc().getSomeList().size());

        //user.getMainTeam().getEc().setSomeField(new Random().nextInt()); // <- PROBLEM HERE!

        // ...  persist entity user...

That line with setSomeField is necessary, otherwise the "size before changing" will be 0 the second time I run the test for a given user.

And finally, this is how the Embeddable class is defined in its owner (class Team):

    private EmbeddableClass ec;

    public EmbeddableClass getEc() {
        return ec;

    public void setEc(EmbeddableClass ec) { = ec;

I'm using GAE SDK 1.7.0.

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Does this… resolve your problem? – JMelnik Aug 23 '12 at 8:05
No, I cannot use JPA 2.0 (no time to upgrade & test everything), the OP is not using GAE and I'm not getting any exceptions. – Roberto Aug 23 '12 at 13:57
Try marking your collection as dirty, I am not sure about GAE or Datanucleus, but JDOHelper has this feature. – JMelnik Aug 23 '12 at 14:31
@JMelnik Thank you very much! JDOHelper.makeDirty(user.getMainTeam(), "ec"); makes it works! Still, this is a bug, isn't it? If so, I'd like someone to answer this question with this fiding, otherwise I can accept an answer of you with this information. – Roberto Aug 23 '12 at 15:23
Whther it's a bug or not isn't of much interest since, as you say, you're not using a recent version (and you got a workaround anyway). In fact you're using an ancient version (early 2009). The point it becomes a bug is if you use the current version(s) and find a problem, demonstrate it with a testcase, and report it to Google in their issue tracker; that's how they would like to know about such things. – DataNucleus Aug 23 '12 at 17:15

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