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I have a store being used by several charts. I get my data remotely with an ajax call. In the php script that I link it too, I'm just going to change the parameters of my query to adjust for the different charts.

Here's my idea: I pass the title of the chart's panel as a parameter to my php script. That'll tell me which chart it is.

How do I access the title of whatever chart the store is being used by?

 var my_store = Ext.create('Ext.data.JsonStore', {
fields: ['project', 'accepted', 'rejected', 'deleted', 'undefined'],
proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: 'generate_proj.php',
    extraParams: {foo: **chart.id**},
    reader: {
    type: 'json'
autoLoad: true,
listeners:  { 
    beforeload: function(store,operation) {
    //operation.params.foo = this.idname;

    load: function(obj,records) {
    var text = Ext.decode(obj.responseText);
    Ext.each(records,function(rec) {                     

Here's what I've done so far. Getting the name of a single chart/panel is no problem. I want the store to be able to dynamically read the name of what's using it. How?

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Somewhere, you have some code that switches between the various charts. During that code, you could do something like

activeChart.getChartStore().proxy.extraParams.foo = activeChart.getId();

where activeChart is whatever reference you have to the chart you are about to show. Then when you load the store, it'll send the correct parameter.

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