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I am developing REST API. One of the calls should allow downloading the file. The API call is like this:


12 is the file_id stored in the dataabse. The actual filename is generated from the database record for this file. Something like jenkin_494_334_12.mp3. The file id is appended at the end of the filename part.

However, this file is not accessible directly through an URL. Its stored outside of the webroot. How do I stream/trigger the download via REST API call above.

If it were a webspage, we can all PHP file and then issue a header call to trigger the download.

Any ideas?

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Any ideas / answers on this? –  Kevin Rave Aug 23 '12 at 16:23

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I am looking for a solution to this as well and searching online I don't see any plain REST API request to follow after. (google drive and dropbox provide an SDK layer around their API).

Did you happen to come up with a solution? I am thinking of just returning the content of the file back to the user in a string.

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I happen to generate a URL based on the location and filename stored in the database. That folder is secured. So with this call, it just retuns the file URL. –  Kevin Rave Sep 19 '13 at 15:38

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