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I have a view controller with a button that activates a Storyboard Modal Segue with the Partial Curl transition.

On the view controller that is revealed, I have a UISegmentedControl.

Lastly I have reduced the font size of the UISegmentedControl.

When the button is pressed, the page curls to reveal the segmented control - during the curl animation, you can clearly see the segmented control animate from zero width out to the actual width - it looks very odd and messy, and I can't figure out why this happens!

I was able to reproduce the effect as follows:

  • Create single view project
  • Add second view controller to the storyboard
  • Add a UIButton to the first view controller
  • Add a UISegmentedControl to the new view controller
  • Link the button to the second view with a Partial Curl Modal Segue
  • Add a class file to the project, inherited from UIViewController
  • Add an IBOutlet for the segmented control to the new class
  • Link the second view controller to the new class and the segmented control to the outlet
  • In viewDidLoad: in the new class add:

    [segmentedControl setTitleTextAttributes:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:[UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:14] forKey:UITextAttributeFont] forState:UIControlStateNormal];

A similar effect is also seen if the curl is allowed to open in landscape

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This questions seems to be similar to stackoverflow.com/questions/9741052/…. Have you tried adding [self.view layoutIfNeeded] to the -viewDidLoad implementation? – Sven Herzberg Mar 13 '13 at 15:32
Also, I reproduced all of your steps and didn't get this problem. Which version of XCode are your using? What are your base SDK and deployment target? In the line you put in your viewDidLoad:, you directly call segmentedControl, no self.segmentedControlor _segmentedControl, is that because you directly declare the ivar ? – Zedenem Jun 20 '13 at 5:49
give us the entire viewDidLoad please. Not sure what is happening from the information you provided. – metsburg Jul 12 '13 at 5:56

I have came across something similar. Try changing the selectedSegmentIndex right before the curl (you can set it to -1 to deselect) to force the control to have width.

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