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Does anyone know of a PAAS that provides a RDF triplestore as as a storage option? My google foo has failed me.

I'm looking for a triplestore similar to OpenRDF/sesame with RDFS and OWL inferencing support. The PAAS would preferably support ruby and nodejs. Any language suppot is fine though...

Thanks in advance!

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Dydra I think would qualify as PaaS, but I don't think they do any inferencing. I could be wrong, but I think that's the case, you'd want to double check before crossing them off the list.

Stardog, while not PaaS, does provide scalable RDFS and OWL2 profiles inference. It provides API bindings for Sesame's Repository API, and has a pretty well documented HTTP API and native protocol based on Google's protocol buffers. A javascript library that implements the HTTP API is slated for release in the coming weeks.

OWLIM, similar to Stardog, is an rdf database, which I think provides RDFS & OWL2 RL inference. I know they provide support for Sesame's Repository API, but I don't know if they also implement their HTTP API. Might be an option if you're sticking to Java only.

Disclaimer is that I am the lead dev of Stardog.

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