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I am using Ruby on Rails 3.2.2 and the jquery-rails 2.0.2 gem (including the jQuery UI plugin). In order to DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) my code I am planning to "extract" the jQuery Dialog Widget in a partial template that will be rendered in my application almost the same way; so, I am thinking to implement and render that template by passing some "complex" code (possibly, JavaScript code) throughout the :locals statement... but I have some trouble on how to properly pass that code.

Specifically, I would like to render the template by passing :locals with which "build" / that "populate" some jQuery Dialog Option, Event, Method (see the jQuery UI Official Documentation for more information) as-like, for example, the option title or the event close (note: it is intended that the "passed" / "builded" / "populated" content is JavaScript code or both JavaScript and Ruby code).

What / how could / should I make to accomplish what I aim to make? Is there some "common" approach or practice?

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Here's a simple example. See if this is helpful, and YMMV.

A partial can contain JavaScript and Ruby code as ERB (or HAML, or whatever templating you want to use).

I use the convention of putting shared partials in the directory ./app/views/shared.

Example file ./app/views/shared/_dialog.html.erb:

<!-- typical jQuery dialog box creator -->
  $(function() {
    $( "#dialog" ).dialog();

<!-- typical dialog with Ruby ERB for title and message -->
<div id="dialog" title="<%= title %>">
  <p><%= message %></p>

To call the partial from your view page:

<h1>My Page</h1>
<%= render :partial => "shared/dialog",
    :locals => { :title => :"Hello", :message => "World" } %>
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I already know that you said (it is present in the Official Documentations linked in the question !). In my case I am looking for passing with :locals (and properly "build" the rendered template) a "combination" of JavaScript and Ruby code to a partial template. –  Backo Aug 23 '12 at 12:34

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