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I have a string array:

array = ['123';'abc';'uvw'];

I want convert it to a cell array of string:

cellArr = {'123';'abc';'uvw'};

There are two ways in my idea: allocating a cell array then using a for loop or

cellArr = arrayfun(@(x) array(x,:),1:size(array,1),'UniformOutput',false)';

But I'm not sure if there is a build-in function do this more effective.

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Use cellstr(). Simply cellstr (array) should work. It also works in Octave.

Alternatively, a more complicated but fun way to look into is

mat2cell (array, ones (size (array, 1), 1), size (array, 2))

which in Octave can be

mat2cell (array, ones (rows (array), 1), columns (array))

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Exactly what I look for! 3ks –  Eastsun Aug 23 '12 at 5:33

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