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If I want to change the content of the footer for $page['footer'] where do I change it? Im not talking about messing with the .info files. I dont know why its so hard to find!

Edit: If I am at on a page.tpl.php file and I do "print render($page['footer'])" how can I configure what is in the $page['footer'] variable to any html I want?

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Please improve your question. Hard to understand what you want to do. – Joonas Aug 23 '12 at 2:47

You should really read some of the basic documentation. Footer is a Drupal "region". Regions are populated with blocks.

block #
The boxes visible in the regions of a Drupal website. Most blocks (e.g., recent forum topics) are generated on-the-fly by various Drupal modules, but they can be created in the administer blocks area of a Drupal site. See the documentation for more information on blocks.

region #
Defined areas of a page where content can be placed. Basic regions include: Header, Footer, Content, Left sidebar, Right Sidebar. Different themes can define different regions so the options are often different per-site. Content is assigned to regions via blocks. They can be ordered by weight within regions to define the order in which they display.

If you want to add special static content to the Footer (e.g., Copyright notice, Admin email), you can create a custom block by visiting Home » Administration » Structure » Blocks (/admin/structure/block) and clicking "Add block" (/admin/structure/block/add).

If you want to display the content of a node in your footer, you may want to use Node Blocks. If you want to display the content of multiple nodes, you may want to use Views.

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Thank you HaleFx. I will try this out. – Leon Aug 24 '12 at 21:07

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