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I am migrating 'Java Swing' code from 'Java Visual Cafe' JDK1.2 to 'Eclipse SDK6'. In Visual Cafe it has code is like this:

public  Sample extends JPanel(){
    package com.symantec.itools.javax.swing.JButtonGroupPanel  bgAcc = new com.symantec.itools.javax.swing.JButtonGroupPanel();
    bgAcc.setBorder(tbAcc);  //tbAcc  is titledBorder component  type
    bgAcc.add(bgLb);     // bgLb  is  JLabel  component type
    bgAcc.add(button1, new GridBagConstraints(...));

Can anyone suggest how I can replace this code in Eclipse SDK6? I am unable find these methods for 'ButtonGroup' in 'Swing'.

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I am not familiar wit the JButtonGroupPanel class, but those methods you use are all available on a regular JPanel as well.

ButtonGroup is a completely different concept in Swing then a JPanel. A ButtonGroup is for example used to group a set of JRadioButtons, and makes sure that only one radio button in that group can be selected at the time. But a ButtonGroup is not a JComponent nor a Container, so of course you will not find methods like setBorder on it.

Side-note: do not port those setBounds calls. Use a decent LayoutManager instead

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