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I'm new to Mustache templating so please be kind.

My approach is to create a new HTML file based on a template HTML. I successfully integrated Mustache on my CodeIgniter application, via:

require 'system/libraries/mustache/src/Mustache/Autoloader.php';
// Create instance of autoloader
// Instantiate Mustache class
$m = new Mustache_Engine;
echo $m->render('Hello, {{planet}}!', array('planet' => 'Mars'));

Now I have a template HTML located on application/templates/my_html_template.php, this file contains HTML semantics having some variable template {{words}}. I do understand that I need to render this but I can't seem to understand how things work. Should I use file_get_contents then fwrite the rendered HTML from Mustache to create the desired output of a new HTML file to a certain directory?

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The Mustache_Engine constructor takes an array of options, one of them is the loader. This class will be responsible to get the template content from the first parameter that passed to render. The default loader is Mustache_Loader_StringLoader but there's other loaders in the library you can use like Mustache_Loader_FilesystemLoader. This sould take care of the loading the template file part of the task. Once it rendered you can use file_put_contents() to shove it into a file.

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