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Is there a way to do this at runtime?

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The standard server variables associated with IIS (INSTANCE_ID, INSTANCE_META_PATH), and SERVER_SOFTWARE all appear to be empty when examined from apps running on the ASP.NET Development Server. I would suggest examining their contents via Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_SOFTWARE"] or similar.

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Since I always compile my code for "Release" to normal servers and "Debug" for local code building, I always take advantage of

  //Some code that only happens in debug mode
  //Production code (frequently connection strings)

Of course, if you forget to switch to "Release" mode when you publish, it's bad news :)

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a bit indirect: HttpContext.Current.Request.IsLocal

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If you are accessing it from a different machine it can't be the ASP.NET Development Server ("Casini")

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You could check and see if it's being hosted not on port 80 (since the dev server will by default give you a rather random port number)

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By default this might work, but you can have IIS run on any port you want in a pinch. –  Wyatt Barnett Jul 30 '09 at 20:31

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