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When assigning a function to an event and pressing tab Visual Studio helps by putting a default function name. For instance, when I type:

qp12.Form.OnGetHtml +=

and press tab Visual Studio completes this line as follows:

qp12.Form.OnGetHtml += new GenericForm.DelegateGetHtml(Form_OnGetHtml);

If I press tab once again VC will generate a method stub.

Is it possible to redefine the default function name generated by VC to a concatenation of object, property and event name? For instance:

qp12.Form.OnGetHtml += new GenericForm.DelegateGetHtml(qp12_Form_OnGetHtml);

I can refactor the name after creating the method stub but I am looking for a faster solution.

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Then past that, you can refactor it to qp12.Form.OnGetHtml += qp12_Form_OnGetHtml; –  Will Eddins Jul 30 '09 at 19:02

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I do not believe this is possible sorry.

That said if you are doing this a lot with one liner functions then you should consider writing it in lamdda style instead:

 qp12.Form.OnGetHtml += x =>  DoSomeThingWith(x);

If the functions are sizable then do it this way instead:

 qp12.Form.OnGetHtml += DoSomeThing;

Then you can use visual studio's Generate Method Stub to actually create the method.

This is only one extra key press and results in (to me) much more readable code.

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