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It is apparent that so far the Anvil support for pymclevel is still not complete. Projects such as TopoMC very much are in need of this support for creating worlds that are compliant with the new map standards that take advantage of 256 height.

A bounty (at $110 USD) for full Anvil support has apparently been put into play and the issue has been outlined here, however no one seems to have taken up the torch fully (just a start has begun, but not finalized).

Are there any other options that exist aside from pymclevel that can be used in its place for TopoMC? The author is very interested in getting this in place, however we've both been at a standstill of really finding any replacements and I thought I should make an inquiry to see if anyone else may be familiar with other existent options.

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This question has been rendered moot, as pymclevel now supports Anvil maps.

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