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Today I installed Visual Studio 2010 on a new machine.

When starting VS2010 for first time, it asked for "Default Environment Window" I selected "Visual C# Development Settings" from it by mistake.

enter image description here

But now i want to change that setting to "Visual Basic Development Settings". How can i do so?

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I would have preferred you ask it the other way (I chose VB by mistake, now want C#). I'll +1 you but this is not an endorsement of VB! –  Kirk Broadhurst Aug 23 '12 at 5:10

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Simplest way to go, AFAIK, is: Tools -> Import/Export Settings -> Reset All Settings.

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Not sure if you saw this, but it may help:


From that page, there's this instruction:

On the Tools menu, click Import and Export Settings.

If you want to delete your current settings combination, choose No, just reset settings, overwriting my current settings, and then click Next. This option does not delete default settings, which will still be available the next time you use the wizard.

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