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I have xml file as below:

<Name ns1:translate="yes">Overview</Name>     
<Title ns1:translate="yes">This is a "book"</Title>
<Description ns1:translate="yes"/>
<TextValue ns1:translate="yes">End</TextValue> 

I want to extract the strings if the tag contains translate="yes". The output should look as below:

Overview = Overview
This is a "book" = This is a "book"
End = End

I need to do the above extraction using shell script. I tried to use:

awk awk -F '["<>]' '{if (/.*translate="yes".*/) {print ((NF>6?OFS $(NF-2):x))}

But it is not giving me desired result as the "book" in the output is not getting printed. Please let me know what would be wrong in the above awk.

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Use an XML-aware tool like xsltproc instead. – tripleee Aug 23 '12 at 5:29
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Like tripleee suggests, you should use an xml-parser. For a dirty solution using awk, you could do:

awk -F '[<>]' '{ for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) if ($i ~ /translate="yes"/) print $(i+1), "=", $(i+1) }' file.txt


Overview = Overview
This is a "book" = This is a "book"
End = End

This solution will just print the next element after finding translate="yes". YMMV.

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>awk 'BEGIN{FS="<|>"}/translate="yes"/{split($2,a,">");print a[2]"="a[2]}' temp
This is a "book"=This is a "book"
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