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Excel appears to not use lazy evaluation for AND() and OR() functions. For example:

=AND(A1<>0, B1/A1>.5)

will result in a value of #DIV/0!. One alternative would be to use an if statement:

=IF(A1<>0, B1/A1>.5, FALSE)

however this becomes messy if the AND function was planned to be used inside an IF function (or possible some nested IFs). Is there a better (i.e. more readable) solution?

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I haven't found anything simpler yet :) –  TDaver Aug 23 '12 at 5:46

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Don't think you can do much better than what you've got. Here's a few other alternatives:


Although it's longer, the last one can be extended to more conditions and is easily modified to OR by changing =2 to >0.

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