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I am trying to modify an existing manual metric in sonar from externally supplied value using the web service client. So far I am able to read the existing metric value from the plugin, but am having doubts in updating the values.

Also, on updating the metric like

sonar.update(new PropertyUpdateQuery("<metric_key>, "Metric Value"));

Nothing happens, but the javadocs mention about the PUT operation in the UpdateQuery class. Edit: I have also tried to update the method using this approach :

        UpdateQuery<Metric> update = new UpdateQuery<Metric>() {
        public Class<Metric> getModelClass() {
            return Metric.class;
        public String getUrl() {
            return "/drilldown/measures/70?metric=<Metric Key>";

Is this the correct method of updating a manual metric ? Also, should the model class and url be something more specific ? - No documentation for this exists so far.

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When dealing with the REST API, the best is to visit the following page:

There, you can find the available operations on manual measures: get, create and delete. There's no update operation on manual measures.

BTW, the equivalent in the Java Web Service Client are ManualMeasure*Query, not PropertyUpdateQuery which updates Sonar properties.

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