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There doesnt seem to be much documentation on creating a many-to-many relationship that also includes extra fields (so its not just the IDs of the two models). As far as I understand there needs to be another Model inbetween which will have the additional fields (as the relationship itself doesnt support it).

Is this the right way to do it?

class Model_Ab
  protected static $_belongs_to = array('a', 'b');

  //this has the additional fields

class Model_A
  protected static $_has_many = array('ab');

class Model_B
  protected static $_has_many = array('ab');
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FuelPHP's ORM doesn't support any additional columns in the many to many table. Off course you can make a workaround:

modelA -> has_one <=> has_many model_through -> has_many <=> has_one modelB
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Dont fully understand what your example means, can you make this example in a similar format as the one in the OP, showing the models and the relationship variable in each. –  Tesla Aug 24 '12 at 1:48

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