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is there a good library on the market to visualize big datas in Java. Maybe a library for statistical outputs. I know the programming language R to visualize statistical data in R. I also have seen a solution to connect Java and R. It would be better if a have a pure Java solution.

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What kind of data are we talkin' here? – jjnguy Jul 30 '09 at 19:01
I've always thought the fun part about being a programmer was writing my own code not always relying on other peoples. There are plenty of chart libraries for Java and JavaScript. – doomspork Jul 30 '09 at 19:16
@ Doomspork, agreed but not having to reinvent the wheel makes it much easier to build your own car. – Tom Neyland Jul 30 '09 at 21:13

might want to check out

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I've had success with visualizing graphs with a commercial tool called yFiles. For more general purpose statistical data visualization, you could try Mondrian, which is GPL licensed. These both are Java libraries.

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Have to mention Piccolo2D -- using it very frequently. It does not provide the ready to use data structures as Prefuse does, but it surely scales and provides a great degree of freedom in how one would want to visualise the data.

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JFreeChart is a good Option. I have tried it, and is easy to set up with Eclipse too. BIRT is also nice, but if you are using it for reporting that is.

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Prefuse is a pretty nice library for Java, and even lets you publish animations in Flash using a layer called Flare:

On the R side, you only need to browse the gallery to see what it's capable of:

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There's a library for Clojure (not quite Java but still on the JVM) called Incanter.

It is built on Colt and JFreeChart. It may be possible that you can just use Colt directly, but I wouldn't know.

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The Weka project might be able to help you. It's an open source library of data mining algorithms written in Java. If they don't have the visualization themselves, it might be in their "related projects" section.

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