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I have read noumerous threads and watched many videos on combining Dropbox and Git functionality. One such thread is this: Using git+dropbox together effectively?

Here is what i want to do:

  • I am currently working on a large personal project (only me, no need for encryption).
  • Work is done on two desktop computers (Win 7, Ubuntu) and one laptop (OSx).
  • I wish to have my files accesible from anywhere and under version control (git)
  • It would be great to have web-access to all the files (trough Dropbox.com), so there would be no need to install Git if I were to eg. borrow a computer.

Most of the guides use Dropbox to house the remote repo. This is OK, but then one has to install git on every computer to access the files, an there would be no direct file access via web.

Currently i have my files and the local repo in Dropbox (yes, I am aware of the size issue), and a remote repo on the schools ssh server. The idea is that i can choose to work on any computer (even without committing), and still be able to use computer #2 or #3 to continue work and commit from there. Overall backup is on the ssh server.

Any thoughts on this setup would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know :)

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I really don't think Dropbox is a good solution for this. For what you want, I would probably git clone to a USB stick and carry that around.

Barring that, all the online git hosts that I know of (github, etc) allow you to download a tarball of whatever commit, and many of them allow you to edit files in-place.

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Thanks, but a USB stick is not a viable option. I need to move from one OS to another in minutes to run software and simulations. EDIT: How about this: Use GIT in the "intended" way with a central repo on the SSH server and local on other machines. Then symlink ONE of the machines local repo to a Dropbox folder? – K_scheduler Aug 23 '12 at 7:49
I don't see how a clone on a USB stick prevents you from doing that. That said, when I need to test in multiple environments, I use vms. – jeremiahd Aug 23 '12 at 7:51
Sorry, i misunderstood. Yes, that is possible, but i wish to regard it as the second option for now. I have had too many negative issues with vms i am afraid.. Both Linux on Win and vice versa tends to hang using VitualBox or WMware when disconnecting external displays from a laptop. – K_scheduler Aug 23 '12 at 7:56
I would, in all honesty, prefer having to remember to take a vm snapshot before removing a display than using Dropbox in this manner. – jeremiahd Aug 23 '12 at 8:01
I appreciate your feedback @jeremiahd. Perhaps github can meet my demands. I have to investigate that a bit more. – K_scheduler Aug 23 '12 at 8:10

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