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PHP has a nice realpath() function, which can convert something like /dir1/dir2/../dir3/filename to /dir1/dir3/filename. The "problem" with this function is that in case /dir1/dir3/filename is not an actual file but merely a link to another file, PHP would follow that link and return the real path of the actual file.

However, I actually need to get the real path of the link itself. All I need is to resolve complexities like /dir/.. in the path. How can I do it?

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Wrote a function for your requirement.

function realpath_no_follow_link($str) {
  if (is_link($str)) {
    $pathinfo = pathinfo($str);
    return realpath_no_follow_link($pathinfo['dirname']) . '/' .$pathinfo['basename'];
  return realpath($str);
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Nice, but not good enough: if dir2 is a symbolic link to dir1 and $str is dir2/filename where filename is an actual file in dir1, then is_link($str) will be FALSE, and so this function will still return the realpath(). – Tom Aug 23 '12 at 9:55
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I was hoping to find an existing PHP function that does that, or else something simple along the lines of xdazz's answer (but that would actually work the way I want it to). Having failed to find such an answer, I've written my own dirty function. I'd be happy to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement!

// return the contracted path (e.g. '/dir1/dir2/../dir3/filename' => '/dir1/dir3/filename')
// $path: an absolute or relative path
// $rel: the base $path is given relatively to - if $path is a relative path; NULL would take the current working directory as base
// return: the contracted path, or FALSE if $path is invalid
function contract_path($path, $rel = NULL) {
  if($path == '') return FALSE;
  if($path == '/') return '/';
  if($path[strlen($path) - 1] == '/') $path = substr($path, 0, strlen($path) - 1); // strip trailing slash
  if($path[0] != '/') { // if $path is a relative path
    if(is_null($rel)) $rel = getcwd();
    if($rel[strlen($rel) - 1] != '/') $rel .= '/';
    $path = $rel . $path;
  $comps = explode('/', substr($path, 1)); // strip initial slash and extract path components
  $res = Array();
  foreach($comps as $comp) {
    if($comp == '') return FALSE; // double slash - invalid path
    if($comp == '..') {
      if(count($res) == 0) return FALSE; // parent directory of root - invalid path
    elseif($comp != '.') $res[] = $comp;
  return '/' . implode('/', $res);
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you can try out the abspath() function.

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There is no abspath() function in PHP. – Tom Aug 23 '12 at 8:14
yep, abspath() does not exist on php – atmon3r Aug 23 '12 at 8:16
@Tom yaa , you are right. upppss..sory for that man! – Gaurav Aug 31 '12 at 6:18

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