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I want to do UIScrollView with a lot of small UIImageView, and i want to display immediately blank scroll view. And then when it's ready load images into UIImageViews. For example when i have to download some part from the server i'm using: connectionDidFinishLoading with NSURLConnection but here i don't want to download online images, i have it in my app, but don't want to draw all in once in viewDidLoad. How to achieve this?

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Refer bddynamicgridviewcontroller link for UIImageView list in a row-dominated grid layout

Also refer SDWebImage for lazy loading of lots of images

take look at UITables with Downloaded Images – Easy Asynchronous Code link

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"Easy Asynchronous Code" using NSURLConnection. Can i use it for local files? – Kuba Aug 23 '12 at 8:28
u can use as only matters is uiimage data as where it comes from when coming from server or from local it takes time to display and that will be handled by Asynchronous Downloaded Images – Paresh Navadiya Aug 23 '12 at 8:32

To start with, use AQGridView - it's similar to UITableView but allows multiple columns per row (i.e. a grid of photos). If you download the source code it has examples of how to use it for what you want.

As for showing the images as they download, one way is to use FLImageView. Again, download the source code and add it to your project and then instead of using a UIImageView in each AQGridViewCell use a FLImageView then call loadImageAtURL:placeholderImage: or loadImageAtURLString:placeholderImage: when you load the image. This also allows you to display a standard placeholder image while images are downloading.

Like a standard UITableView, cells for AQGridView will only be created as needed (i.e. only the ones on screen or almost on screen) and cells are reused so it will be nice and fast.

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