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I want to create a message box that will fire whenever the txt_unit is equals to the unit_no in the database. This is during the insertion of new data in the DB. I'm using VB6 and SQL Server 2005.
This is my code:

If txt_unit.Text = 'same unit number that exist in the DB' Then MsgBox "Duplicate Record", vbCritical, "Duplicate"
txt_unit.Text = ""

This will save time for the user during data input. Thanks in advance

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Why don't you query the db and fetch the value. Then compare it? Or you could do the comparison within the query itself by passing the textbox's value to it! –  Akhilesh B Chandran Aug 24 '12 at 5:06

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After browsing the web for answers, I saw this site that explains the error handling in VB6.
I can finally move on now. Here's the code:

On Error GoTo err_CmdAdd_Click

con.Open _
    "Provider = sqloledb;" & _  
    "Data Source=server;" & _  
    "Initial Catalog=database;" & _  
    "User ID=username;" & _  

If img_edit.BorderStyle = 1 Then

Set rs = con.Execute("insert into a_owner values('" & txt_unit.Text & "', " _
& " '" & txt_tower.Text & "'  )")

MsgBox "Record added successfully...", vbInformation


Exit Sub


MsgBox "Duplicate Record!", vbCritical, "Duplicate"
txt_unit.Text = ""  

End If
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