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Remove offline_access permission is enabled in my app advanced settings;

I first call the following function:

public function app_login( $url_redirect=null ) {
        $facebook = new Facebook(array(
            'appId' => APP_ID,
            'secret' => APP_SECRET,
            'cookie' => true,
            'fileUpload' => true

        //check if redirection url specified
        if( $url_redirect != null )
            $go_to = $url_redirect;
            $go_to = 'APP_URL';

        $loginParams = array(

            'scope'         => 'publish_stream,user_activities,user_checkins,user_interests,user_location,manage_pages,email,read_insights,read_stream',
            'redirect_uri'  => $go_to
        $login_url = $facebook->getLoginUrl( $loginParams );

        if ( ! $facebook->getUser() ) {

            echo '<script> = "' . $login_url . '";</script>';

            return true;

        return $facebook;


returning a value called $facebook, then I ask for the extended user token with the following calls:

$extended_token = $facebook->getAccessToken();

save $extended_token in my database, then get user pages with

$pages = @json_decode( FB_Actions::file_get_contents_curl( '' . $facebook->getUser() . '/accounts?access_token=' . $extended_token ) );

and save the page tokens in my database. When I try to use those tokens later on, I get a reply saying that the token expired.

Does anybody have an idea of what my problem is?

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it's a facebook bug… . Now i'm trying to find someone who found a way around – crisful Aug 31 '12 at 10:42

I had same problem and found solution here - Getting long-lived access token with setExtendedAccessToken() returns short lived token

// ask for the extended token and get it from session ...
$access_token = $_SESSION["fb_".FB_APP_ID."_access_token"];
// now set it into the facebook object ....
// now our fb object will use the new token as usual ...
$accessToken = $facebook->getAccessToken();

Also use facebook debug tool -

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