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how to select random unique records on each execution of the SQL Query

I have database of that structure:

id int
image_name varchar(200)
category_id int

There are about 200 records, id is unique, and there are about 20 categories, and my iamges are categorized between them.

Could you help me to get a query, which will give me 10 records with UNIQUE category_ids?

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select DISTINCT(category),id,image_name FROM images 
  WHERE id=
    (FLOOR(RAND() * 
           (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM images )
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Nice work, but is it possible that the IDs won't always match up with the count? –  Clint Jan 6 at 16:04
SELECT DISTINCT(category),id,image_name FROM images ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 10
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SELECT DISTINCT category_id,id,image_name FROM images ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 10
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