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I am busy creating a WCF Web Service, that needs an ASYNC call. I have done this so far:

public async Task<bool> sendData(Data data) {
    bool sent = await Task<bool>.Factory.StartNew(() => {
        return someNameSpace.ReceiveData(data);

    return sent;

So my question is, does the call to the dll also need to be marked as async?

ie. within the dll

public async Task<bool> ReceiveData(Data data) {
    // some async code
    // some code here
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You may find my async/await intro helpful. I also have a post specifically dealing with async WCF.

Some general points:

  • Don't use StartNew (or Task.Run) unless you explicitly want to run some code on a background thread.
  • You can await any Task, regardless of where it came from. A method that returns a Task may or may not be async - it only makes a difference within that method.

So, if your ReceiveData is either of these (they look the same to SendData):

public async Task<bool> ReceiveData(Data data);
public Task<bool> ReceiveData(Data data);

Then you can just await it in SendData:

public async Task<bool> SendData(Data data)
  bool sent = await someNameSpace.ReceiveData(data);
  ... // do other stuff
  return sent;
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