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class AgeClass
    string[] Names {get;set;}
    int Age {get;set;}


IEnumerable<AgeClass> myList = ...; // a few instances of AgeClass

now i want to get (out of myList) a


with a Pair of Name and Age. How to do this easily?

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I must say I did not expect Sheldon Cooper to have such easy questions :-) –  mtijn Aug 23 '12 at 8:47

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     x=> x.Names.Select(
          z => new KeyValuePair<string,int>(z,x.Age)));

Note that you must be aware that linq is creating a query - each time you enumerate this collection new one will be created based on current state of myList. To remove this effect simply add .ToList() to the end of this line.

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Using a query linq syntax:

var result = from el in myList
             from n in el.Names
               select new KeyValuePair<string, int>(n, el.Age);
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