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As I read here redirection can be easily turned of by --max-redirect 0. But what in case when there is two kinds of redirection: good one and the bad one.

In my case good redirection is:

http://someaddres.com/888.html -> http://someaddres.com/some-string-in-url-describing-page.html

where bad redirection is:

http://someaddres.com/555.html -> http://someaddres.com/

What can I do to fallow only good redirections?

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The only way I can think of off the top of my head would be to turn off redirects as you've said, then parse the response (I suggest using sed or grep, but I'm sure there are other options) looking for a redirect request. You may need the parameter --server-response to get the headers depending on the method used for redirecting. If you find one, do a new wget to the redirect target (unless it's one you don't want to redirect to).

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As @Thor84no said, one solution can parse response. This is mine:

REDIRECTED_TO=`wget --max-redirect 0 $ADDRESS 2>&1 | grep "Location" | sed 's|.*\(http://.*/.*\) .*|\1|'`

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