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I have a mock callback object

Callback callback = mock(Callback.class);

This object has two methods, done() and failed(String msg).

I do a


to see that done() was called, but when things dont turn up so well and failed(String msg) is called instead, how can i print msg?

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Can you post your CallBack and test Code ? –  Adio Aug 23 '12 at 9:14

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You can use the ArgumentCaptor to capture the msg when verifying that failed() is called, for example in the test class you can define:

@Mock private Callback mockCallback;
@Captor private ArgumentCaptor<String> stringCaptor;

and in the test itself:


final List<String> capturedMessages = stringCaptor.getAllValues();
final String actualMsg = capturedMessages.get(0);
final String expectedMsg = "foo";

assertEquals(expectedMsg, actualMsg);

Note: the @Captor annotation was introduced in mockito v1.8.3. If you are using a version prior to this, there is an example of the previous syntax in the linked API above.

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