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My Visual Studio version does not support this new MFC class. CMFCOutlookBar available only in VS 10. How can I import CMFCOutlookBar class file form VS 10 to my project ? The solution like "Buy VS 10!" does not fit for me. If it is possible to import CMFCOutlookBar. Can any body share this files? Thanks.

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Is it VS8 (VS 2005) or VS2008 (VS9)? The title and the tags say different things.

In VS2008, with the SP1 you get the MFC Feature Pack Classes, which include CMFCOutlookBar.

Microsoft does not provide them for earlier versions of VS, as far as I know. So you may have to take a look at some third party classes, like BCGSoft's classes (Microsoft's MFC Feature Pack is based on some of BCGSoft's classes) or The Ultimate Toolbox

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