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I have a technical question to ask you. I'm currently developing a huge application in javascript with timer and request and I have a strange question.

When I'm working for two hours on my project (so refreshing page, commit, re-refresh, ...), I have no problems but when I'm working one more hour, my application begin to have some lags issues, opening the console can become a nightmare. Is that a server issues or a computer issues ??

I'm using a lot of timer (setTimeout and setInterval)

Can we dynamically release all memory from chrome / firefox / safari / ...

If you have any idea, please, let me know :)

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a alternate way of using timer is:

  1. just one timer (setInterval) call every minimum duration of timers;
  2. all other timer are triggered by this timer, on specified times that main timer calls;

you can find some clues in jQuery about animation & effects.

I think this concept is probably from task scheduling and interrupt on computer science.

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