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How can i access a database which is in a different application. I want to access the data and use it for an other application how am i suppose to do it. I dont even have a clue how to access data from a different application please help.

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Read this article:

"Application modularity – The Android system allows applications that are signed by the same certificate to run in the same process, if the applications so requests, so that the system treats them as a single application. In this way you can deploy your application in modules, and users can update each of the modules independently if needed."

"Code/data sharing through permissions – The Android system provides signature-based permissions enforcement, so that an application can expose functionality to another application that is signed with a specified certificate. By signing multiple applications with the same certificate and using signature-based permissions checks, your applications can share code and data in a secure manner. "

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please use content provider for accomplishing the same

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Do you know about content provider?, you can implement the above functionality by using this.

For example, Calendar, Contacts are doing the same.


  1. Creating a Content Provider
  2. Android SQLite Database and ContentProvider - Tutorial
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oh ok Thank you – Srinivas J Pandit Aug 23 '12 at 10:22

in Android diff app can share the data with help of content provider below will help you

Stay smiling

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