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My current rewriter working well but when a user comment on facebook and facebook append an URL on it, it can not load anymore.

This is my expression:

<rewrite url="~/hinh-anh/(.+)-(.+)" to="~/Content.aspx?ContentID=$2"/>

This is working well:


This URL doesn't work:


Please help me, I am noob at regular expression.

Thank in advance!!


Finally I found solution:

<rewrite url="~/hinh-anh/([A-Za-z\-]*)([\d]+)" to="~/Content.aspx?ContentID=$2"/>
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Try this one:

<rewrite url="~/hinh-anh/(.+)-(.+).*" to="~/Content.aspx?ContentID=$2"/>
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I've tried but failed. –  Quan Nguyen Aug 23 '12 at 13:17

Finally I found solution:

`<rewrite url="~/hinh-anh/([A-Za-z\-]*)([\d]+)" to="~/Content.aspx?ContentID=$2"/>`
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