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I am trying to play a sound on event using javascript

tried this

<object height="100" width="100" data="sounds/cash.wav" id="cash"></object>

var thissound= document.getElementById("cash");;

and it worked. the thing is , I don't my element to show on the browser, so I tried

<object height="0" width="0" data="sounds/cash.wav" id="cash"></object>
and even
<object height="100" width="100" data="sounds/cash.wav" id="cash" style="display:none"></object>

and I got an error in the JS telling me that the element is null..

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You can try

<object height="100" width="100" data="sounds/cash.wav" id="cash" style="visibility: hidden; white-space: nowrap;"></object>

to hide it.

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totally worked! thanks –  devmonster Aug 23 '12 at 10:42

Also you can wrap the object element in a block, and hide the block.

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