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When i click Run -> Debug Configuration there will be a 3 different types of simuator :

  1. blackberry simulator
  2. blackberry device and
  3. blackberry simulator(running)

Which one should i use?

This is the picture : enter image description here

And everytime i want to debug my code in the simulator(f11), the annoying question will be appear. This is the picture :

enter image description here

My questions are :

  1. which one should i use?
  2. what is the different? and
  3. is there any way to make the annoying question (2nd picture) never appear again?

(I dont know what the 2nd picture (dialog) is for. Although it keeps asking that question, i cant really choose, because only 1 choice will run smooth while the other 2 will make an error, so why is it asking?).

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I've had these problems, too. It's not very clear.

Basically, BlackBerry Device would be for running on a real BlackBerry smartphone. To choose this, obviously, you must have a BlackBerry smartphone connected.

As for the other two, I always use BlackBerry Simulator myself. It sounds like BlackBerry Simulator (running) would be for running on a simulator that has already been started. But, in my experience, choosing BlackBerry Simulator usually works, even if the simulator has already been started. However, although there are several ways to do this within Eclipse (the normal Eclipse Run / Debug menus, the BlackBerry menu, or right clicking on the project in Eclipse's Project Explorer), I haven't always had good success with all of them.

Recently (JDE plugin 1.5.0+), I have been using the Eclipse Run -> Debug As -> BlackBerry Simulator choice, or the special BlackBerry plugin Debug icon:

enter image description here

When I start either of these ways, it does not ask me to make another choice.

Note that I don't see the hot swap (restart app without a full simulator restart) feature work correctly on all simulators, even those with OS > 5.0, if I use Eclipse.

Here are some more references on running and debugging within Eclipse:

By the way, an older (plugin 1.3) version of that document mentions BlackBerry Simulator (running), while the newer version (1.5) does not. So, maybe RIM no longer intends for you to use that choice (?).

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Thanks for your help! :D – Blaze Tama Aug 25 '12 at 10:04

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