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Trying to understand this ARM assembly . I get a SIGSTOP signal for this. Something is going wrong here.I ll try but need some help

afd0c750:   push {r4, r7}        
afd0c754:   mov r7, #252    ; 0xfc  // what is this I think that its calling the SWI and it need the r7 to have this value.  
afd0c758:   svc 0x00000000
afd0c75c:   pop {r4, r7}
afd0c760:   movs r0, r0
afd0c764:   bxpl lr 
afd0c768:   b 0xafd3896c
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SIGSTOP is sent to process to suspend it - for later resumption - and is not an error condition - or directly generated by one.

The most likely scenario is that your process has received SIGSTOP whilst the thread is executing in the kernel - and most likely blocked there. Your backtrace will show the SVC instruction as the last executed on the user-stack as this is a user-space to kernel transition.

It is not clear from your description how the SIGSTOP is manifested. A likely candidate is gdb being the source of it.

The full backtrace would be very useful here.

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Yes Thank you . YOu are right this is gdb debugging. I am doing android-ndk gdb debugging for the c/c++ code .Somewhere along the line , My code is stopping like this at epoll_wait which is a way for the kernel to wait for certain event. Thank you Marko and Masta79 –  sraddhaj Aug 23 '12 at 12:54

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