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Let's say I have a SQL Server table that looks like the following:

ID             NAME                DESCRIPTION
1              ANDREW              COOL
2              MATT                NOT COOL

All I need to do is output the data to a space delimited text file. However I want to ensure that the 'NAME' column has at maximum 10 characters. So for example with the first row 'ANDREW' is is 6 characters, then I'd want 4 spaces after it.

Same thing for second row. 'MATT' is 4 characters, so I would want 6 spaces after it. This way as you move to each column the data is lined up, worst case it gets truncated but I'm not concerned with that.

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Use this select query then export this to ur text file.

select ID,cast(NAME as char(10)) as NAME,DESCRIPTION from yourtable
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Thanks...! however it still puts 1 space in between each column on the output. Is that an easy fix? – aherrick Aug 23 '12 at 11:33
i did not get your question here? see above statement will have to have 10 characters always for name. – AnandPhadke Aug 23 '12 at 12:58

you can use convert function

select CONVERT(char(10),'ANDREW')


select ID,
       CONVERT((char(10),NAME) as NAME,
from <table>         
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